Raphaël Tinarrage

Postdoc at EMAp. Postdoc contact: César Camacho.
Former PhD Student at LMO Orsay (Topologie et Dynamique) and Inria (DataShape).
PhD Advisors: Frédéric Chazal and Marc Glisse.


Research interests:
Simplicial approximation to CW complexes in practice.
An algorithm which converts CW complexes into simplicial complexes.
Arxiv link // Video presentation // Notebook demo
Topological inference from measures and vector bundles.
PhD Dissertation.
Manuscript // Video presentation // Slides // Reports
Computing persistent Stiefel-Whitney classes of line bundles.
Characteristic classes in a persistent setting.
Published in Journal of Applied and Computational Topology 2021.
Arxiv link // Video presentation // Notebook demo // Notebook experiments
Recovering the homology of immersed manifolds.
A method to estimate the tangent bundle of immersed manifolds.
Arxiv link // Notebook demo // Video animations
DTM-based filtrations.
Robust filtrations for persistent homology.
Published in Abel Symposium 2018 and
SoCG 2019.
Arxiv link // Notebook demo // Video animations


My work is implemented in the velour package for Python (PyPI and GitHub).



At EMAp: At Paris-Sud University:


I used to conduct the MeJ workshop
in Collège Alain Fournier (Orsay).
See here for a gentle introduction to
persistent homology (in French).